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Yes iTms has modules /modes to monitor both types of contract performance. On the sub contracting side it will also identify your best positioned supplier based on previous performance and price.
Yes on the exporting page there is at every stage a download button. To download, you need to have an administration log on and privileges. On the importing side, all the price schedules can be imported. All of the importable items need to go through the IT department due to the many relationships already on our system.
Yes. In addition to always maintaining two copies of your data, we automatically back up your updated data every day. It's stored on firewall protected, redundant servers so your data is safe from hardware and software failures, hackers and viruses. Also because we update your records with every change, we can restore your file to a previous point in time.
iTms has the best functionality and performance to price ratio, is scalable and is Cloud hosted.
  • Access on Multiple Devices: Access your data anywhere, anytime, from your iPhone, iPad, Android device or browser.
  • Send professional invoices: Create custom invoices with your company branding (Logo, business information etc.).
  • Know the state of your business: See your Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and dozens of other reports in one click.
  • Multiple User Access: Grant access to unlimited users and set permission levels for each individual
  • Save the time of your employees and cut the costs of business: Reduces the time spent by employees on repetitive, routine administrative tasks.
  • Eliminates errors through automatic calculations: Significantly reduces the number of questions that employees direct by email or by phone to their supervisors or finance, HR and administration departments (each employee / subcontractor / customer etc. can check the status of his / her request via the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
None. The costs of customisation will be included in your quotation and these would be supported remotely (REAL-TIME).
We would only charge additional fees if a customer insists that the customisation must take place on its own premises.
Yes. Fundamentally this is one of the main reasons why iTms was built, to be integrated with other systems. Every system today supports Excel and in iTms you can export everything to Excel and import things from Excel. iTms has a SQL Server database you can easily use third party development to generate reports import/export data.
ITms will include to this question by per individual quotation but the general policy is to make it easy and cost efficient for customers to use our software.
Yes certainly we can and are happy to do so after a Live Demo and assuming you are still interested by this stage. iTMS is currently engaged on a successful national roll out of its software for a top twenty UK construction company, a case study and full client reference disclosure at an appropriate commercial stage.


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