iTms was designed specifically to realise huge efficiency improvements on industries with complex procedures!

From its initial inception as an in house tool for many years, iTms is now fully integrated and can manage the entire maintenance process, from initial fault report to final invoice in one transparent auditable process flow.
The system is web based, providing attractive entry costs and very competitive incremental costs with infinite scalability.
iTms is user friendly but can efficiently manage the service delivery (including diagnosis, dispatching, routing with optimised productivity and effective cost control).



Image and video

The system allows images and videos to be allocated to a task as explanation of and issue or evidence that a task has been completed.

Google map

The system is fully integrated with Google maps and will allow the user to allocate a location to every task. It also updates user locations in real-time.


The system is cloud based which means instant access from anywhere and never losing data.

Fully flexible configuration

The system is fully configurable to any user or service and the settings menu which drives the system is easy to understand and configure.


The system can interface with any mobile device and communicate via text, email, phone, and through the dedicated app 100% of the functionality it is accessed and used.


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