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We have a special system to offer with the potential to transform the way you work.
Our system is an innovative tool that will transform the way you work and help you and your team achieve your goals more efficiently.
Benefits that the system provides, such as increased productivity, improved accuracy, and reduce costs.
Presenting ITMS is an integrated task management system that is a web-based software platform that enables teams to organize and manage their work more efficiently. It typically includes features such as task assignment, progress tracking, file sharing, communication tools, project scheduling, managing transport and fleet, assets, cost and invoice sales, and preparing VAT and accounting information in a detailed secured controlled manner. All these features and more are integrated into a single application, providing a centralized location for all team members to access information and collaborate on tasks.
Integrated task management systems are designed to help teams streamline their workflow between dispatchers, subcontractors, field working operatives managing assignments and other variations to improve productivity by providing a clear overview of project progress and individual responsibilities. ITMS also allows teams to monitor deadlines, track project milestones, and identify potential roadblocks, which can help prevent delays and ensure that projects are completed on time.
ITMS offers a variety of training options, such as online courses, in-person training, and webinars. This will help accommodate different learning styles and preferences, and how to use the system more efficiently.
ITMS also assigns mentors or trainers who can work with users one-on-one to provide guidance and answer any questions you may have. This is especially helpful for new users who may need more personalized attention.
in addition, we provide ongoing support to users, including a help desk, and a dedicated phone line. We also make sure all the users know how to contact technical support and receive a timely response.
We also regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the training and support provided. Use feedback from users to identify areas for improvement and make changes as necessary.
By providing effective training and support, we can help to ensure that users are able to use the system to its full potential.
Finally, ITMS is not among many others, instead, it is a unique fully loaded platform that varies in terms of functionality, user interface, and pricing.

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Image and video

The system allows images and videos to be allocated to a task as explanation of and issue or evidence that a task has been completed.

Google map

The system is fully integrated with Google maps and will allow the user to allocate a location to every task. It also updates user locations in real-time.


The system is cloud based which means instant access from anywhere and never losing data.

Fully flexible configuration

The system is fully configurable to any user or service and the settings menu which drives the system is easy to understand and configure.


The system can interface with any mobile device and communicate via text, email, phone, and through the dedicated app 100% of the functionality it is accessed and used.


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